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Counselling and psychotherapy in Berkhamsted

Welcome to my practice for psychotherapy and counselling


Psychotherapy and counselling in Berkhamsted, near Hemel Hempstead, Kings Langley, Tring

Welcome to my practice for psychotherapy and counselling. You may be looking for a psychotherapist or counsellor because you feel low, unmotivated, stuck, confused, overwhelmed or anxious. You may be grappling with a difficult situation in your life currently, or with something that has happened to you in the past. Perhaps you struggle with the dynamics in a close relationship or at work.

As a psychotherapist I am skilled at working with you to move towards better emotional wellbeing and change. You may want someone to listen to you carefully and allow you to process feelings and thoughts, or you may want to develop new strengths and traits.

Whatever your reasons for coming to psychotherapy my aim is to facilitate a dialogue and a conversation between us, with the aim to help you to make decisions for yourself.


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Sonja Kormann
Psychotherapist and Counsellor
MSc Psychotherapy
UKCP registered

Psychotherapy for individuals and couples

By coming to psychotherapy you are taking the first step towards change. I have worked with many clients presenting with a wide range of issues, such as:

  • processing past events and trauma /Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • childhood trauma
  • anxiety and depression
  • living with a chronic illness
  • relationship issues
  • loss and grief
  • adjusting to major life changes
  • stress and work related issues

Neuro-affirming practice for autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people

A neuro-affirming practice means that I hold a positive view of neurodivergence as a difference in neuro-cognitive styles, rather than a deficit.


My aim is to help you find your unique way of being and interacting in this world and to foster a positive neurodivergent or autistic sense of self.


If you are autistic or suspect you might be, you have likely experienced many challenges with fitting into a world that has not been designed for you and where you are a minority.

In our therapeutic work together we will talk about these challenges, so that we may understand the full impact these have had on your wellbeing and on your view of yourself. 


We will aim to cultivate a positive autistic (neurodivergent) identity and we may find ways for you to connect with a neurodivergent community. This also means that together we will explore how you can self-advocate, meaning how you can make and ask for changes in your family, friendships, study or work life.


Neuro-affirming: A safe and respectful space 

I will approach our work together with sensitivity and respect for your way of being, thinking and experiencing the world. My aim is to help you find your own voice, rather than imposing mine or that of a majority.


I will pay attention to how you prefer to communicate and interact within the therapy and will adapt to your needs as much as I can. Communicating honestly and clearly, with openness for your feedback is an important goal.


Regular, weekly sessions are a cornerstone of my practice, so that your therapy can gain momentum with the regularity and continuity contributing to a safe and stable structure for what can, at times, be challenging emotional work.


Therapy can take place in person, online or a mixture of both depending on what works best for you at any given time.


Psychotherapy or Counselling?

In psychotherapy the aim is transformation, long-lasting change of how people are in the world and with others, as new strengths and traits become integrated as part of the personality. Counselling supports people to cope with a difficult time by drawing on their existing resources and is usually a short-term process.





It can feel challenging to make the first step of contacting a psychotherapist or counsellor. I will respond to your enquiry, whether by email or phone call, in a sensitive and empathetic manner. If I am unable to offer you an appointment at a time that suits you, or if I feel that I'm not the right person for you, I will recommend other psychotherapists and counsellors in the area for you to contact. Normally, an initial consultation takes place to give you an opportunity to get to know me and to experience how I work. After this consultation you are welcome to take some time to think about whether psychotherapy and counselling is right for you before you commit to further sessions.





Need help immediately?

If you need to speak to someone immediately you can ring the Samaritans, where someone will be at the other end of the phone to listen: The Samaritans offer 24/7 telephone support. Their number is 116 123.


Location - Berkhamsted, near Hemel Hempstead and Tring- Hertfordshire

My psychotherapy and counselling practice is located in the centre of Berkhamsted, close to the station and with parking nearby. Berkhamsted is within easy reach of Tring, Hemel Hempstead, Chesham, Amersham and Kings Langley.




MSc in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy
Diploma in Transactional Analysis psychotherapeutic counselling
Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA)
Member of the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy)
Member IARTA, EATA and Metanoia Institute















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